Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maria | All-on-4™ Dental Implants | Patient Testimonials


  1. Hello Maria,You looks fabulous! Even I am thus appreciative I took the time to browse this.I have had oral issues for a few time currently,and I was planning to build a meeting to possess them work on my mouth throughout my vacation. I hope i can right treatments from my dentist.Thanks for sharing some helpful story.
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  2. Hi Maria ~
    I'm so Happy for You !! Congratulations !! ~ *Tossing Confetti in dah Air for You* I so appreciated your homework you did on the Dr. I am an advocate on making sure the Dr's. are validated by the rules and regulations that govern them. It's mainly for us all and our protection. Having you express what you did to verify his credentials is Kudos to you. An example for many to do. As, so many do not do this and are on a wing and a prayer when going to any Dr.
    Your teeth look beautiful ! What I really like as well is that your teeth are so natural looking. Did you have a picture of what your smile was like & brought it in so they could match ? Truly Impressed. Looking forward to having mine done.

    Happy Regards: Shanne Glover