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What makes Dr. Golpa qualified to perform All-On-Four procedures? Dr. Golpa has performed dental implant procedures for nearly two decades and has become a leader in the Las Vegas area because of his expertise in the field. He has studied under the pioneer of the All-On-Four protocol, Dr. Paulo Malo.
Every patient is different and can be complex due to health issues and unique bone conditions. But, Dr. Golpa has seen it all and can provide each patient with a solution that will be safe and effective for them.
Furthermore, the Golpa Dental Implant Center is fully equipped with imaging equipment, an on-site lab and an experienced team to provide you with the best care possible.
The Top 5 Reasons to choose Dr.Golpa to perform your "Teeth-in-1-day" Procedure


Our fees are an average 0f $7,500-$12,500 per arch, lower than most providers. The average fee for the "All-on-4"  procedure is $25,000-$35,000 per arch, our fee is $17,500 for 1 arch or $34,000 when both arches are done at the same time. Many practices use a "team" of specialists to perform the "All-on-4" procedure, or you are referred to a "team" of  specialists, when this happens every member of the "team" must get paid! This results in higher costs for the Patient. Dr. Golpa expertly performs every aspect of your oral rehabilitation, from your initial consultation, to the day you leave with your beautiful new teeth. Dr. Golpa only answers to one person, You. Our fees are also lower than traveling to countries like Mexico or Costa Rica, when you factor in all the fees involved, not to mention the hassles and dangers of foreign travel. Before you have any teeth removed, come in for a second opinion!

When you compare our fees it's easy to see why Dr. Golpa's Dental Implant Center is the Clear Choice for Teeth-in-1-day!


Dr. Golpa has been performing dental implant procedures for nearly two decades. The All-On-Four protocol was pioneered in Europe. Published papers began appearing around 1994. At the time, it seemed a radical concept defying many long held beliefs. Dr. Golpa was immediately intrigued by the concept, though skeptical, and began following the literature. After reviewing 10 years of published data suggesting astonishing results, primarily from Dr. Paulo Malo the pioneer of the All-on-Four technique, Dr. Golpa began to believe that perhaps this young surgeon from Portugal might be on to something.
In 2005, Dr. Golpa was privileged to be invited to a lecture given by Dr. Malo in California. After meeting Dr. Malo, studying his body of evidence, and questioning his methods, Dr. Golpa was convinced that this was a compelling new method for alleviating the crippling effects of total tooth loss. Dr. Golpa asked Dr. Malo if he could come to Portugal and study with him and he agreed. Early in 2006, Dr. Golpa went to Portugal and began an in depth study of both the surgical and prosthetic protocol. Immediately upon returning home, Dr. Golpa began offering this procedure and now works with All-on-Four cases routinely with patients from all over the world. He feels that, in most cases, it provides a better and more permanent solution for his patients.


Dr. Golpa is one of Las Vegas's most highly regarded Cosmetic Dentists. For nearly two decades he has been combining the artistry that creates a beautiful smile and the science that ensures cutting edge techniques. All patients are unique in their needs, our goal is to provide treatment that is tailored to you.  At large "corporate" dental businesses, their goal is to extract your teeth and attach your new teeth. That is all they do!  Dr. Golpa's goal is to educate you about your options, save your teeth if possible, and provide you with a solution that creates the most aesthetic results possible. Dr. Golpa then personally follows up with all patients to insure that you are happy with the fit, function, and aesthetics of your new smile. Before you have any teeth removed, come in for a second opinion!


“Concierge Dentistry” is our new way to describe our high-quality, valuable customer service.  Just like health clubs and hotels that cater to your needs, Golpa Dental Implant Center is right there among them. Although we have always done our best to go the extra mile for our patients, we know that many people would never think to ask for our help.   Here are some of the ways we can provide concierge service to you:
  • Order food so it is ready for you when you are done with your appointment.
  • Print out an expense report for tax purposes and send it or fax it to you.
  • Provide referrals to other health professionals and businesses, based on your particular needs.
  • Executive Limo Service
  • Make copies or fax something for you
  • Internet Access
  • Flight Reservations
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Discount Show Tickets
  • Personal Shopper
  • And much more……




We have seen Dental Implant practices use terms such as “Free Dental Implants”, “Low-Cost Dental Implants”, and “Cheap Dental Implants in an apparent effort to deceive patients. At the Golpa Dental Implant Center, while we have lowered our fees during theses economic times, we feel that our quality, experience and reputation speak for themselves. Let’s face it sometimes you get what you pay for, and what seems like a bargain can end up costing you more in aggravation, pain and suffering.
We have noticed over the past several years that most Dentists are trying to get into the Dental Implant market. It is sort of like, when the Las Vegas housing market crashed, every Lawyer now does “short-sales” or “modifications”. It is the same in Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, some Dentists lacking the experience or restorative knowledge of Cosmetic Restorations, or Full-Mouth Reconstruction are trying to capitalize on Patients Dental problems. In an effort to inform Patients Dr. Golpa has created the following check-list to consider when looking for Dental Implants or Cosmetic Dentistry:


How long has the Dentist or Practice been performing Dental Implant, Cosmetic, or Full-Mouth Reconstruction Procedures? What are the Dentist's credentials, how much advanced training have they received?


Does the Dentist or Practice have Before and After photos of Actual Patients? Many Dentists have stock photos! If a Dentist can not provide actual Before and After Photos-BEWARE!


Can the Dentist or Practice  put you in contact with their Patients, so you can personally ask questions about their experiences? Ask the patient sitting next to you!


Look into the reputation of the Dentist or Practice, are they respected in the Dental Community? Google™ the Dentist or Practice names, Check the Nevada Dental Board.


Does the office have the latest technology, state-of-the art equipment, a professional staff, and an appealing ambience?
Does the office  provide you with Patient amenities, Cut-Rate-Service = Cut-Rate Dentistry
When it comes to your oral health, your self-esteem, and your overall well-being we encourage you to investigate before you decide. When it comes to Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry sometimes we get what we pay for, unlike buying paper-towels, or laundry detergent, where sometimes the “bargain brand” will do, making an investment in your-self should never be a sacrifice.
Dr. Golpa spends a considerable amount of time correcting the mistakes made, when Patients tried the “bargain brand” or are unsatisfied by a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Unfortunately, this results in increased costs and aggravation for the Patient who took a “chance” with an inexperienced or unscrupulous Dentist or Practice.
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